Meeting the Neighbors

The last time we were down at the farm we met some of the neighbors who were all very friendly and helpful with insights on the area and the history of our place. We decided that we also wanted to meet some of our non-human neighbors but since they are a bit shy we had to use spy-technology… (click on the pictures to see them larger)



Turkey small


deer day small


Blue Jay small

Blue Jay

Bobcat small


Bobwhite quail small

Bobwhite Quail

brown bird small

Brown bird – Nuthatch? Can anyone id for us?

Cardinal small


Coyote small


Fox small


Fox2 small

Fox – look at that beautiful coat

Nutria tail small

Nutria – or really big Muskrat

Rabbit small


Raccoon small


Squirrel small


Squirrel2 small



We Bought the Farm

An uptown girl from New York and a computer guy decide to give up city life and buy a farm in the country – sounds like a plot from a TV show huh? Only on our Green Acres the guy has the foreign accent and the gal isn’t a blonde.

On Tuesday September 3rd, 2013, Swen and I completed the purchase of an abandoned horse farm in North Carolina. The 72 acre property is composed of forest and pastures and 4 large ponds. One of the ponds has a beaver dam and lodge so we are hoping that the beavers are still in residence. The existing house is not old and was “well constructed” by modern building standards and yet it is a classic example of the inefficiency that is considered acceptable in American housing. We intend to build an Earthship style home which will be off-grid and fueled by the sun. Using the principles of permaculture, we will design our landscape to make the best possible use of the resources available.